Rainforest Green Marble

Marble is one of the most popular and preferred construction material rock which is used on a very wide scale, worldwide. Technically, it is a metamorphic rock composed of minerals like calcite and dolomite. Primarily, its usage comes in sculpture, construction and industrial requirements.

It’s an open secret that black and white marble has remained sculptor’s favourite since ages. Apart from these colours, marble is often found in colours like pink, grey, green, white, cream, brown and yellow. As far as the builders are concerned, they use marble primarily for flooring and slab purposes. The reason why marble is preferred over other stones is that it offers a great deal of end finish and looks quite elegant & impressive in any household.

Industry insiders confirm that these days the demand for rainforest green marble has surged a lot. The builders use it to give their buildings a new look and feel. They offer classy look in various design patterns and are refreshingly different.

In India, the marble industry has been flourishing since ages. Many India based marble exporters and suppliers offer blocks, flooring, calibrated (ready to fix tiles), monuments, slabs, structural slabs, tomb stones etc. apart from dealing in regular marble slabs.

Marble production is widespread in India and it is the fourth largest producer across the globe. Marble production is usually concentrated in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya pradesh, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh. Out of these states, Rajasthan accounts for over 90% the total marble production which takes place in India.

In terms of global production of marble, China leads the race, followed by other countries like India, Turkey and others. In terms of buyers, USA continues to remain on top of the slot followed by UK, Spain, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Russia.

With the introduction of latest technologies and advanced machines there has been a significant improvement in the overall marble production. As industry insiders point out that the demand for rainforest green marble will remain strong, the marble suppliers will focus on this very segment for quite a few months.

Off late, there has been a little apprehension in the mining circles due to the recent crackdown on the illegal mining activities. However, as the bigger companies take care of the guidelines in totality, they dont have much to worry about. Hopefully, by the year end the marble suppliers in India will be able to post rich profits and consolidate their position in the world market.

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