Discover The Magnificent Amazon Rainforest Plants

The rich and magnificent bio diversity of nature in the most exquisite form can be seen in the group of the Amazon rainforest plants. This is the place where Mother Nature has laid the foundation of evolution and characteristic of living beings.

When the world is suffering from the jeopardy of being polluted and the greenery is gradually vanishing, the Amazon rainforest plants are enjoying their full and uninterrupted development in a healthy atmosphere. There exists a plethora of different kinds of flora in the Amazon.

The different flora that exist there offer a great deal of biological carbon prints to study from them. Many plants fall into different categories and scientists of Taxonomy are still busy indexing them. Over the years in this huge forest you can find almost seven hundred varieties of flora species per twice and a half acre of the land. Such biodiversity has never been found on any part of this planet earth.

The rainy season is the most essential source of the perennial rivers that provide nutrition and acts as the circulatory system of the forest. Sometimes it is often witnessed that the water level reaches more than fifteen meters above the normal level. The nutrition content of soil is enormous.

Most of the Amazon rain forests plants have dense foliage and at times the rays of sun seldom reach the ground floor. It is for this reasons the plants at the lower level have made their own adaptation to counterbalance the need for the sunshine to prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis. Some herbs have sucking roots that dig deep in to the stem of other plants to draw nutrition. Some plants have developed themselves in the form of creepers that crawl and twine themselves around bigger plants in order to get to top.

The Amazon rainforest plants have an abundance amount of medicinal plants too. The most essential among them is the Cinchona tree. Its bark is essential for making the medicine called Quinine which is the only cure for Malaria. The next variety is the White Trillium which is of great use in the field of Gynecology. Its petals are used by pregnant mothers to ease the process of childbirth. The leaves of this herb have magical capabilities to cure snake bites. Even herbs like Foxglove have their own medical applications and are used by patients with heart problems. The herb of poppy is used for opium that is widely used to make tranquilizers like Morphine and Codeine.

The Amazon rainforest plants create their own weather cycle. It is due to the large scale transpiration from these plants that the area gets the most abundant amount of rainfall and thus giving rise to enough floras to support the fauna of the ecosystem. These plants are the only source of nutrition and shelter to the animals of the forest.

The forests are gradually decreasing and vanishing due to global warming. So lets join hands to protect them and to keep these jewels of the earth intact.