Amazon Herb Business Review – How Profitable is Selling Lluvia and Zamu?

Staying healthy is often a challenge in an increasingly toxic world. The Amazon Herb Company brings to you the natural goodness and nourishment of herbs and fruits from the Amazon rainforest to promote a state of well being. Rainforests have amazing reserves of herbs that protect, cure and cleanse the body. The Amazon Herb Store has taken advantage of the natural gift of the rainforest to produce nutrition-rich tonics, shakes, herbal teas, sweeteners and skin-care products that are highly beneficial to the body. Read more about the Amazon Store to find out how you could benefit from the product and the income opportunity.

· Amazon – A Brief History

The Amazon Store was founded by Amazon John Easterling, a scholar in Environmental Studies. He studied the therapeutic properties of rainforest plants in Amazon. After an experience where he himself was cured of a life-threatening condition with the help of herbs from the Amazon, he started the Amazon Store with an aim to distribute the treasure of the rain forest through MLM.

· Products –

– Zamu – This is one of the chief products of Amazon; it uses the natural wholesomeness of the Camu Camu berry and other rainforest herbs to bestow a healthy body. The Zamu drink is said to have a wealth of nutrients and the company claims it also tastes good.

– Lluvia – The Lluvia skin renewal system offers natural skin care and a cleansing system that helps remove polluting agents and keep your skin fresh and youthful. This product range has a wide array of skin care aids that are completely natural.

– Other products include Recovazon to help muscle recovery, Fiberzon that aids digestion and various other teas, shakes, boosters, non-chemical cleaners, sweeteners, de-stressors and blood purifiers.

· Amazon Income Opportunity

The Amazon Income opportunity seems a good bet with a commission of up to 40% paid to members who’ve joined the “auto-ship” program. However, remember the auto-ship program includes a monthly fee of $100. After you sign up for this program, you could start your own Amazon business, promote products and recruit people. You’ll earn a 5% bonus when your team workers perform and get a 13% bonus when you get a personally sponsored associate.

· My Opinion On The Income Opportunity

Amazon herb Store has a terrific product range; there’s no doubt about this. However, as a distributor in this company, you could face some barriers. Health products are quite difficult to market. Anyone who’s tried convincing people to stay off junk food and lead a healthy lifestyle would vouch for this fact.

For a company with a highly marketable product, Amazon’s training for reps seems quite inadequate. Like all other MLM companies, they ask reps to note down contact details of people they know or get them to approach potential customers and call them to parties. While this may work to an extent, it’s not going to fetch you a decent income.

· Suggestions

As an income opportunity, there’s good scope to earn from Amazon products. However, knowing the right techniques to market is important to fetch you a good income. The simple act of launching your business online and promoting products through the net is enough to bring about a drastic improvement in your sales. Just use online marketing tools and see your profits soar. Learn to tap the resources in the internet to get best results.