Amazon Herb Business Review – How Profitable is Selling Lluvia and Zamu?

Staying healthy is often a challenge in an increasingly toxic world. The Amazon Herb Company brings to you the natural goodness and nourishment of herbs and fruits from the Amazon rainforest to promote a state of well being. Rainforests have amazing reserves of herbs that protect, cure and cleanse the body. The Amazon Herb Store has taken advantage of the natural gift of the rainforest to produce nutrition-rich tonics, shakes, herbal teas, sweeteners and skin-care products that are highly beneficial to the body. Read more about the Amazon Store to find out how you could benefit from the product and the income opportunity.

· Amazon – A Brief History

The Amazon Store was founded by Amazon John Easterling, a scholar in Environmental Studies. He studied the therapeutic properties of rainforest plants in Amazon. After an experience where he himself was cured of a life-threatening condition with the help of herbs from the Amazon, he started the Amazon Store with an aim to distribute the treasure of the rain forest through MLM.

· Products –

– Zamu – This is one of the chief products of Amazon; it uses the natural wholesomeness of the Camu Camu berry and other rainforest herbs to bestow a healthy body. The Zamu drink is said to have a wealth of nutrients and the company claims it also tastes good.

– Lluvia – The Lluvia skin renewal system offers natural skin care and a cleansing system that helps remove polluting agents and keep your skin fresh and youthful. This product range has a wide array of skin care aids that are completely natural.

– Other products include Recovazon to help muscle recovery, Fiberzon that aids digestion and various other teas, shakes, boosters, non-chemical cleaners, sweeteners, de-stressors and blood purifiers.

· Amazon Income Opportunity

The Amazon Income opportunity seems a good bet with a commission of up to 40% paid to members who’ve joined the “auto-ship” program. However, remember the auto-ship program includes a monthly fee of $100. After you sign up for this program, you could start your own Amazon business, promote products and recruit people. You’ll earn a 5% bonus when your team workers perform and get a 13% bonus when you get a personally sponsored associate.

· My Opinion On The Income Opportunity

Amazon herb Store has a terrific product range; there’s no doubt about this. However, as a distributor in this company, you could face some barriers. Health products are quite difficult to market. Anyone who’s tried convincing people to stay off junk food and lead a healthy lifestyle would vouch for this fact.

For a company with a highly marketable product, Amazon’s training for reps seems quite inadequate. Like all other MLM companies, they ask reps to note down contact details of people they know or get them to approach potential customers and call them to parties. While this may work to an extent, it’s not going to fetch you a decent income.

· Suggestions

As an income opportunity, there’s good scope to earn from Amazon products. However, knowing the right techniques to market is important to fetch you a good income. The simple act of launching your business online and promoting products through the net is enough to bring about a drastic improvement in your sales. Just use online marketing tools and see your profits soar. Learn to tap the resources in the internet to get best results.

Rainforest Conservation – What is the Big Deal and How Does it Affect Me Anyway?

Lush green rainforests may be something you’ve pictured only briefly when dreaming about a tropical vacation but did you know that the health of the world’s rainforests has a huge influence on the quality of your daily life?

The rainforest is often described as the “Lungs of our Planet”. The Amazon rainforest alone is responsible for producing more than 20 percent of the oxygen we breath! As an added bonus, by taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen for us to breath, the rainforest actually reduces green house gases and fights global warming.

But sadly, we are losing the earth’s rainforests to feed the world’s ravenous appetite for cheap lumber and agriculture. Check out these statistics. You’re not going to believe them but they’re true!

  1. 54 of the world’s 193 countries have already lost 90 percent or more of their forest cover. Rainforests that once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface now cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be gone in less than 40 years.
  2. 1.5 acres of rainforest are lost every second (that equates to 50 million acres a year: an area roughly the size of Oregon)
  3. Nearly half of the world’s species of plants and animals will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next 25 years due to rainforest deforestation.
  4. We are losing approximately 137 plant and animal species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year!
  5. As the rainforest species disappear, so do many possible cures for life-threatening diseases. Currently, 121 prescription drugs sold worldwide come from plant-derived sources. Twenty-five percent of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients! Many more could be developed as only about 1% of tropical trees and plants have been tested by scientists.
  6. Most rainforests are cleared by chainsaws, bulldozers and fires for timber and then are followed by farming and ranching operations. In Indonesia, the current rate of logging could totally wipe out native forests within only 10 years. The forest has already been totally wiped out in countries like Haiti and Ivory Coast where barely a tree can be found anymore.

Even worse is the fact that rainforests do not regenerate as our temperate forests in Vermont do. Once gone, they are gone forever and along with them the wonderful diversity of plants and wildlife that inhabit them.

So now that you know why rainforests are a big deal, you’re probably asking yourself, “What on earth can I do about it?” Well, this is where green consumerism comes in. Everyday when you’re shopping you make choices that effect the health of the rainforest. It’s true. Do you buy products made of soy, beef or wood for example? If so, chances are very good that they are originating in the rainforest and are being produced illegally in violation of local conservation laws.

You can do you part for the environment by purchasing products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as being green and originating from sustainably managed forests. Ask the salespeople in your favorite stores if their products are certified? Ask where they came from. You may get a few blank stares at first, but eventually you’ll be making a difference. Store owners are going to realize more and more that sustainability is important to their customers. If they are to stay in business, they are going to have to Go Green.

And YOU can make it happen.

Discover Why Turning Global Environmental Preservation Into a Business Is Critical

In understanding how to turn global environmental preservation into a business we must first understand why it is so important to take global environmental action.

I just read an alarming article today, the article stated that we are heading backwards on green house gas emissions after 20 years or more of attempting to limit them. We actually had the worst year of green house gas emissions to date; 5 percent more than in 2008. Green house gas emissions into the atmosphere is a major cause behind global warming.

The reason humans have made no progress in addressing the impending environmental catastrophe, is because of business as usual. Profit and the possibility of loss of any profit, has caused business to ignore the impending environmental signs that indicate serious problems. Money in one form or another is the driver of environmental destruction.

One potential remedy to this business model of profit at any cost, is to create and participate in a new business model. A new model is one that includes turning environmental preservation into a profitable business.

If the entrepreneurs, investors and other business leaders decide to turn global environmental preservation into a profitable industry, we might have a chance.

We have to change the current unsustainable models of business and create a new sustainable business model. A model that respects the environment and protects the future of this planet. Jobs or no jobs will not be an issue if we go beyond the environmental tipping points. Profit will no longer matter when life as we know it is destroyed.

It is time to start these changes now before we reach the tipping points of no return.

There is a huge profit to be made from cleaning up the environment. There are profits to be made in the areas of renewable energy, sustainable manufacturing practices and lifestyle choices.

The drive to maintain the status quo at any cost and the fear of loss of profit has a strangle hold on the economies of the entire planet. This mentality must change.

It has to start here in the U.S. where we have caused the majority of the green house gases, environmental pollution and resources depletion. The United States is the model the rest of the world will follow. We can lead the world to destruction or salvation.

If the planet goes beyond the tipping points and human life becomes completely unsustainable, it will no doubt be largely the fault of the U.S. If the catastrophe is averted, it will be largely because the U.S. stepped up and made the needed changes. Leveraging the profitable arena of global environmental preservation is key. Leading the world in a new direction towards a sustainable model for business and industry is critical.

There are models that have already established a track record of success. There are companies that are creating new innovative green products. There are energy companies offering alternative sustainable fuels and energy sources. There are other companies that are partnering with people, sharing the profits of sustainable farming and food production with a clear mission of environmental consciousness.

One company I know of, partners with indigenous tribes in the Amazon Rainforest to harvest and produce the health and wealth of the rainforest. They are providing the tribes with a means of income from environmentally sustainable harvesting and farming practices. This model of business contributes directly to global environmental preservation. By helping to keep the indigenous people on their ancestral lands, the local people become the caretakers of a thriving forest. The Amazon Rainforest eco system is critical to human sustainability.

This company also shares the profits of this enterprise with a wide array of people through their distribution model. A major component of this business model is a mission and vision for environmental sustainability that is taught and respected by all. Each person involved is treated with fairness and fully valued for their contributions.

Businesses need to focus on providing solutions for environmental preservation instead of exclusively focusing on their bottom line. Companies that are solution oriented will be the leaders who make the profits from global environmental preservation.

When companies embrace this kind of business model that embraces a mission for global environmental preservation, honesty and fairness, we will have hope for a sustainable future for humanity.